Ain’t That Nice // Film

I’d like you, if at all possible, to read the title of this in a gruff East End accent à-la the Kray Twins of Bethnal Green. Because I write to you now from my London-based kitchen table, and even though it’s not actually in the East End, I do like to keep a little bit of class about me.


So far it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, up and leaving the Kenilworth Crew, my brother, in an ice block of a house with two dead plants of mine as his only cohabitants, and the dogs at the shelter. But that’s a post for another day.

Here are my film pictures as promised. I’m sorry they’re so long overdue and I’m sorry that almost two months later I’m still harping on, visually, anyway, about our South of France trip. 

The next time we speak, you’ll be glad to know, I’ll actually address Life Today, eg, the transition from Ireland to London and the even bigger transition of Graduate to Fully Fledged Adult that happened in one fell swoop the moment I climbed off the plane at Stanstead (a huge mistake, that choice of airport. But again, that’s for another day.)

For now, enjoy this film collection from the last little while.

Lots of love,

K. x




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