About Bam


Hi, I’m Kiera and I run Bam Bam Madame.

Bam Bam Madame was born in 2015 in Vienna, under the name the Peapod and Pearl. It began simply as a way to report about day-to-day life and events on a year abroad, but since then it has matured into a much sleeker platform for photography projects and editorials, travel stories, art, and daily observations.

I work at a creative agency in Editorials and love my job – writing and creating beautiful visuals are what I live for. Bam Bam Madame has some really fun projects in the pipeline which will be on the blog soon, but, for now, I invite you to enjoy my posts, the topics of which range from growing old gracefully in the presence of plants, to film photography archives from Monaco.

Fun fact: I almost always shoot film. Another fun fact is that I really want an adopted greyhound called Bam Bam when I eventually ‘grow up.’

Thanks for coming to visit – I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, and I really do hope you enjoy Bam Bam Madame.

K. x