School’s Out


Because sometimes when you have a two week college break it makes you feel inspired to get creative and hang out by the sea.

Recently I’ve been getting more interested in photography (and if you saw my little ski video you’ll know I’ve even begun to dabble in film which is unexpected since until recently I didn’t know the first thing about filming or editing). It’s a great way to get creative during busy times as well as being good at forcing you to look for the pretty things as you go about your day. Here’s a little bit of fun that my best friend Eve and I got up to during our college break in March, on one of the sunnier days in Dublin.

A New Start


Hello everyone!

Well, it’s been a while since we last spoke. What happened was, sometime after I came back to college and the true stress of final year set in I decided I wouldn’t write any more. Firstly, I thought, my life was about to get pretty boring and un-noteworthy. Secondly, I assumed that I’d have zero time on my hands with which to write updates on my supposedly boring days. All in all, I felt it was time to pack in The Peapod and Pearl. In actual fact, whilst I was (almost) right about the second assumption (I have close to zero time to write anything but essays), I was wrong about the first. Your life is as boring or as exciting as you make it. And mine is still pretty fun, thankfully.