Conversations – Film

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This is my second collection of film photos, named “Conversations” because they all involve somebody I care about and are all just as much to do with hearing as they are seeing. Whenever I look at photos I want to know what’s happening in the background and what the people in them are thinking and feeling at the time. So that’s what I’m trying to do here. I hope you like them x



My grandfather, on carving my grandmother’s gravestone: “I’m not doing dates or any of that other fuss. Just “MARY”. That’s all she needs – my gal.”


On growing up during the war: “Reading about it isn’t the same as feeling it, you know. The worst thing was meeting boys in school who’d waved their fathers off, and you knew they probably wouldn’t come back.”


“So I’ve seen some things. But I’m happy where I am, moving along. Surviving.”


My father, on personal hygiene: “Listen – is this women’s deodorant I’m wearing? It just says ‘Dove Original’ on the front.”


On Business: “Take a picture, Kiera  – this can be the PR shot for Sable Materials Ltd.”


Jack and T, on swimming in the Irish Sea: “This was a f**king stupid idea.”


General splashing and blaspheming


Jack: “This [Robie] is the best thing ever.”


My brother: “It isn’t raining anymore.”


My mother, just off a flight: “Oh don’t take a picture of me now – I look stupid.”


Lucy, on a nudist beach fully clothed: “Let’s get out of here in a minute.”

Monday Book Corner Episode 2: 40 Years with the Krays


Happy Monday errybody.

It’s actually sweltering in Dublin at the moment. I’m sitting at the kitchen table in a t-shirt thinking that even the t-shirt is too hot to wear, but I can’t go backless/strapless/bikini-ed today due to less-than-attractive lobster look acquired yesterday at the Sunday Market. Things could be worse, of course. I could be one of the poor American tourists who decided to come here this week and packed nothing but a range of “Irish Weather Protective Gear” like hiking boots and cagoules, only to find themselves in what can only be described as tropical conditions.

This week the book of choice was also a true story, stemming again from my tendency to become obsessed with other people’s lives and legends. This particular obsession began in Paris, when Jack and I watched Legend starring Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy as the notorious Kray twins.