Five do the Wild Atlantic Way


I’ve just arrived back to Castle Black (my house) after a fun-filled week travelling the south and west coasts of my glorious little country (Ireland, for anyone wondering. Which is why it can take as little as a week to drive around the whole south and west coasts). Sometime in January, my friend Eve and I were contemplating exploring the country we’ve been raised and in embarrassingly have¬†never fully seen, and when my friend Katie in Scotland announced that she and her housemates were thinking of roadtripping around Ireland this summer, we¬†jumped on that bandwagon in full roadtrip regalia.

On Top of the World: The Austrian Alps


Hey everyone! Welcome to the first real post on my shiny new website. I hope you’ve got a nice cup of coffee and are reading this from the comfort of an adequately squashy chair or a sun-drenched cafe. If you’re at your work desk or in a library having a sneaky read, I salute you and am sorry for your woes.

Sometime in January Jack invited me along on a ski trip to Lech, a little town in the Austrian Alps. “I can’t,” I said. “I’ll be broke and I’ll have my dissertations to write.” Needless to say shortly afterwards we were booking our flights to Zurich and it was all hands on deck re. trying to fish out matching ski socks.